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Private City Guide

Going to Barcelona on your own?
If you don't get lost in Iceland you shouldn't get lost in Barcelona. A private guiding will help you around the city and its outskirts. The creations of a private tour taking into account all of your enquiries. There are plenty of secrets to see, to taste and to discover in the streets of Barcelona. You will never forget your Barcelona experience.

We will plan together and www.barcelonaiceland.com will organize everything necessary to make your visit memorable: tapas, cultural/art tour, flamenco shows, human tower exhibitions, wine tasting, visits to medieval monuments and places, shuttle bus service, shopping tour, football tour, English-speaking guide, Icelandic-speaking guide*, wine and champagne cellars, team-building activities, Formula 1, museums, unique places, and more.

*Under request.

www.barcelonaiceland.com your sun and fun!

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