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Who are we?

WWW.barcelonaiceland.com was born with heart and thoughts divided between Iceland and Spain. Ten years of professional experience organizing and managing weddings and corporate events in Barcelona, and over two years living in Iceland, developing head duty tasks and a successful career at one of Iceland's best chain of hotels. Our love and passion for the sun and warmth so difficult to find in Iceland inspired us to introduce Barcelona to all Icelandic friends. Profoundly passionate about our profession, we created www.barcelonaiceland.com; a website-based company aimed at all Icelandic citizens. Each day Barcelona and Reykjavik grow more connected, and both cities have a lot of similarities. www.barcelonaiceland.com is the first private tour and events Service Company to connect them.

Mission:To get Icelanders in touch with Barcelona through the website. Barcelona is the perfect place for all companies, tourists and students who love to travel, to see unique places, to enjoy the art, the culture, the weather and the sports from Barcelona.

www.barcelonaiceland.com was created to help you travel to Barcelona and to help everyone feel closer to Barcelona, while enjoying the best professional quality services.

Vision: www.barcelonaiceland.com achieves its mission statement through best quality services and client satisfaction.

Values: Trust, honesty, professionalism, quality, respect, innovation, happiness, being in control, innovation, privacy, friendship, service, development, effectiveness.